Year 6 Shugborough Visit

19th June 2017
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Monday 19th June
The children left school this morning and are currently on their way to Shugborough.
10.00am - arrived safely
It's been a good first day - lots of activities and lots of sunshine. Let's hope for a quiet night!
Tuesday 20th June
We had a good night and rooms have been tidied for inspection. This morning we have been doing climbing, archery and 'crystal maze'. The weather is warm but there is plenty of shade and the children are all doing really well.

This year's year 6 residential trip is now well and truly up and running. We have already had great fun orienteering, climbing and abseiling, racing around the BMX track, showing off our archery skills and toasting marshmallows on the campfire.

Lots of great personal achievements already, particularly on the climbing wall and getting around the track.

It is still really hot here but we are making sure that we are using our hats and sun cream and drinking plenty of water.

 Tonight we all went for a nice walk around the beautiful national trust site and got back to camp just in time for hot chocolate and bed.

 Another great day!

Wednesday 21st June
Well what a day of fun and adventure.

We all went caving today! Very scary but great fun. We had to crawl in the pitch black darkness through narrow muddy tunnels that were full of slugs. The teachers were so proud of everyone, especially those who had to really show resilience and bravery to face their fears. It was a tight squeeze for Mr C!

We also had to build bridges across muddy water and get across it without falling in. That was really fun and we had to show great team work to be successful.

We had great fun in the quarry today on the big climbing wall and even got to show off our skills on the real quarry stone.

More team building games this evening and then a well earned sleep!

Thursday 22nd June
Well it had to happen - it finally rained today. But luckily it was not the big storm that had been forecast and our spirits were not dampened too much.

Our last full day of activities have generally involved water. The blindfold trail was fantastic fun but also a little scary.  All the children really showed off their communication skills and some confident leaders emerged to guide their teams successfully around the course. The children had to climb over, through and under various obstacles using just touch and communication whilst being splashed with cold water. Fantastic fun for everyone.


The children also got a little wet if the constructions they built in the shelter challenge were not water-proofed enough. The shelters looked amazing even if they did have a few gaps. Although one team did say that their roof was designed with holes on purpose as a drinking water recycling system. Ingenious.


We also had time to enjoy some of the amazing countryside around the centre when we were taken on a great 2 hour walk through the beautiful Cannock Chase.


To end our last evening we had a fantastic camp fire where we all sang silly songs and listened to stories.


We were extremely proud that so many of the children performed from our school with such confidence and enthusiasm. A super end to our last evening.