Language unites the curriculum; it is essential to all forms of communication. Children learn language through speaking and listening, reading and writing and develop their language skills throughout the curriculum.

Speaking and Listening

Children learn how to communicate successfully with others in group situations and how to express their ideas through drama. They learn to use language in a variety of situations, for various purposes and for a range of audiences. Confidence comes from regular practice in expressing opinions, discussions, message giving and receiving and drama, so speaking and listening is a key skill developed through all school activities.


By sharing books and stories from an early age children learn to become readers. We value books and actively encourage children to read for pleasure and enjoyment in a variety of contexts. Teaching and learning in English focuses on enabling children to read with confidence and understanding. The children study both fiction and non-fiction books, in order to:

  • Interpret the author’s meaning.
  • Make reasoned judgements and statements about the books they read.
  • Use reference books effectively.

In both Key Stage 1 and 2, pupils will bring home a Home/School Reading Record Book, informing parents about the reading skills on which their child should focus. In KS2, a greater degree of independence is encouraged and Accelerated Reader is used to support reading progress. Children throughout the school are encouraged to read a wide range of texts – not just books!

Reception Reading

Please click on the links below for information from our Reception Reading Meeting :-


We use the Letters and Sounds programme to teach Phonics in school.


We encourage our children to write for a range of purposes and audiences. Over their primary years, children experience the broad variety of shapes, styles and forms in which our written language is moulded. They learn the rules of punctuation, grammar and spelling so that they can express their ideas, opinions and views with clarity and confidence. Regular attention is given to presentation of work and handwriting.

Libraries and Books

We have several libraries in school and children are encouraged to borrow books to read for pleasure and information. We ask parents to read with their children at least three times every week and record this in their home/school reading log.

Lending Libraries:  Children may choose “Home books” to share with their parents or read independently. Parental help is always welcome to maintain these areas.  Please contact the office if you are able to offer your services. If books are lost or damaged, we would very much appreciate payment towards their replacement.

During the year, the school organises book fairs when children and parents may purchase books from a wide selection.