Match Funding

Matched Funding Schemes


There is a fantastic scheme that you may not be aware of whereby some companies provide funding for charities such as PTAs by matching any fund raising event that their employees are involved in ie. School discos, Fairs etc.  It is a very simple yet incredibly useful tool in which extra funding can easily be raised for our school.  As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs, many companies encourage staff to get involved in community projects, including PTA events, by offering to match any funds they raise.


Below is a list of companies (by no means exhaustive!) that we understand have previously offered a Matched Funding scheme for their employees.  If your employer is not listed, it’s still worth asking your HR department as  some companies don’t advertise this scheme or if they don’t, they may be prepared to start – it’s worth asking!  In most cases, the company will match your donation pound for pound up to a specific level so for example, £500 raised suddenly becomes £1000 raised...easy! 


So, if you or a relative work for any of these companies or indeed any other company that offers Matched Funding and you are willing to help us raise some extra funds then please let us know by emailing us at BramptonPTA@outlook.com.  Just a few Matched Funders each year could make a real difference for our school.

Alternatively, if your employer is willing to donate a prize, to sponsor a future event or sponsor a specific piece of equipment then please do get in touch.