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Brambles Pre-School serves the community of Brampton, and offers a minimum of 24 places, during school hours and term time only. The Governors of Brampton Village Primary School are the managing body for the Pre-School and are responsible for admissions. Children may join Brambles in their pre-school year i.e. children who are 3 years old on the first day of the academic year and who will be applying to join the school’s Reception class in the following September.


Applying for a place

All applicants should in the first instance complete an expression of interest form.  This will be used as the basis for the Preschool Leader to write to the parents of our potential intake to establish how many hours and on what days they would like to apply for a place from the following September. 

Please note that, whilst the governors of Brampton Village Primary School are the admissions authority for Brambles Pre-school, Cambridgeshire County Council is the admissions authority for the primary school. The Governors reserve the right to withdraw or withhold places and also to refuse admission in exceptional circumstances as they are responsible for the efficient use of resources and education of all children who attend. 

If your child attends Brambles Pre-School, this does not mean that your child will automatically secure a place at Brampton Village Primary School. You will need to apply for a place before the published deadline during the January prior to your child starting school.